俎板 chopping board


Our MANAITAs are made from Japanese ginkgo trees. We use only wood, not pressed boards. The remarkable character of our MANAITA is that it is gentle to knife blades and hard to dent since the wood itself is soft and recovers. Professional chefs in Japan have been using them from long ago.



Any ingredients can fit in this size of MANAITA.
Your cooking time will become more enjoyable with these MANAITAs.

L1: 450x250x25(mm)
L2: 450x230x25(mm)
L3: 450x230x25(mm)
L5: 500x230x25(mm)
L6: 450x230x25(mm)


These will fit in a compact kitchen perfectly. For small families.
Also, these are good for your second board.

M1: 370x200x25(mm)
M3: 330x180x25(mm)
M5: 375x185x25(mm)
M6: 330x180x25(mm)


These can be used as a chopping board or a serving plate. This small size MANAITA gives you a lot more possibilities.
Ideal for living alone or outdoors.

S1: 320x120x25(mm)
S2: 300x130x25(mm)
S3: 300x130x25(mm)
S5: 320x120x25(mm)


Unlike shapes and sizes with unexpected feeling to use.
These MANAITAs are unique in appearance and usage.
Circle Square Long Mini

Circle: 250x250x25(mm)
Square: 250x250x25(mm)
Long: 500x120x25(mm)
Mini: 180x120x25(mm)


Q: What is the difference between MANAITA (Japanese chopping board) and European cutting board?
A: They are from different types of wood. The hardness of wood is different.

There are a wide variety of wood types, even they are from natural trees.

There are various characteristics depending on the tree type, like light trees, heavy trees, soft trees, hard trees, light-colored trees, dark-colored trees, etc.

When processing woodwork products, it is important to consider the characteristics of such tree types. By selecting the wood which suits your purpose and applying the optimum processing, you can create a product that is easy to use.

For example, sturdy and durable hard wood is used for furniture. However, hard wood is not suitable for MANAITA since it will damage the blade of the knives.

For these reasons, soft wood like "Gingko trees" which is gentle to blades has been selected for "MANAITA" for a long time in Japan.
The "Ginkgo tree MANAITA" can give you a smooth touch as if the blade sticks to it, also it makes a pleasant sound when you cut the ingredients.

On the other hand, "Cutting boards" are mainly made of sturdy wood which can withstand serrated knives such as bread knives.

The best idea is to use the board suitable to your purpose,
"Soft MANAITA for cooking knives, hard wood cutting boards for serrated knives"

Concept Movie
The difference MANAITA (Japanese chopping board) and European Cutting Board
How to care Ginkgo MANAITA (Japanese chopping board)


01. Natural wood

We only use carefully selected and reliable Japanese Gingko trees.

The trees grown over many years give us wood with a variety of rich personality and patterns. Its quality will be understood only by connoisseurs. At woodpecker, we purchase high-quality wood from a reliable lumber shop, and skilled craftsmen carve out only the part suitable for our products from the solid board to manufacture MANAITA.

02. Handcrafted

With craftsmanship and commitment.

It looks quite simple to produce wooden MANAITA or china plates, in fact, the whole process requires a lot of manual work. One of them is "chamfering". It is not only for the appearance of the products but also an important function for the safety of the users. That is why we spare no effort. Please take one of our products and feel our commitment.

03. Design

Long lasting universal beauty

The design theme of woodpecker's products is "universal beauty". MANAITA, which fits into any kitchen interior, a cutting board that can be used as a serving plate, or the plates for any dish. We hope that our products made with all our hearts may be your favorite items.


Owner: Kenji Fukui

Handmade wooden tools close to your daily life.

I was born in Gifu prefecture, where the wood industry is thriving. My family has been woodworkers (craftsmen who make wooden parts for Buddhist implements, household Shinto shrine, and portable shrines) since my grandfather's generation. Growing up surrounded by trees from an early age and watching the woodwork of my grandfather and father may be the starting point of my career as a woodworker. I am lucky because I could learn the fun, difficulty, and depth of manufacturing of wood over the years.
After learning the basics of woodworking at a vocational school, I trained with a furniture manufacturer and my father. As I refined my skills, I desired to create something I could contribute to the world with my own hands. The turning point came when I made a "ginkgo tree MANAITA (Japanese chopping board)", which was a request from my wife to commemorate having our first child. "It's easy to use and the design is fantastic. Now, I enjoy being in my kitchen," she said. Then, I decided, "I should pursue my own desire to make things. The start is making gingko MANAITA."
We listened to customers' requests directly at the events and made improvements. Gradually customers of "Ginkgo tree MANAITA" increased, and we established "wood pecker" in 2007. Today, our products are available at more than 150 stores nationwide.
Our products are all different because the craftsmen carefully look the wood and finish them by hand. However, I am proud that it is the source of the value of warmth, security and safety.
Wooden tools close to your daily life. woodpecker delivers them with all our heart.


  1. Solid ginkgo board grown in Japan
    Only the part suitable for MANAITA is carved out and processed from a solid board of carefully selected Japanese ginkgo wood. This promises you both the beauty of wood grain and the comfort of use.
  2. Peaceful appearance
    The scent of wood, the soft touch, and the grain of wood which texture changes day by day. Feel the gentleness and warmth unique to natural materials.
  3. Wide variety of sizes
    Our products have abundant size variations. You can choose your favorite one according to your kitchen space and usage.

How is Ginkgo tree MANAITA made?

  1. 1
    Purchase timber
    We purchase timber at the timber market where high quality natural wood is sold. Only certain connoisseurs can do this part since we bid on the logs at the auction. At woodpecker, we maintain to get high-quality timber with the help of veterans who have purchased timber since grandfather's generation.
  2. 2
    Sawmill / drying
    The logs are sawn into solid boards, then air-dried in a well-ventilated warehouse. Trees still contain a lot of water even after logged, so it is important to dry them thoroughly. Proper moisture content will prevent shrinkage and cracking later in the processing steps.
  3. 3
    Wood patterning
    Next is patterning. Patterning is to look the wood, think about what design and size to make, and decide the wood position and cutting procedure. We are trying to make products without waste by improving the yield as much as possible.
  4. 4
    Cut the wood to the optimum sizes. In addition, each one is planned and the surface is scraped to make the equal thickness.
  5. 5
    The wood cut out in the right place is delicately cut to reproduce the design. The soft curves on the sides and edges are very unique characteristic of woodpecker's MANAITA. These designs are also created by the handiwork of skilled craftsmen.
  6. 6
    Next is polishing MANAITA. If this process is not done properly, MANAITA will not be beautiful or bring out comfortable finish. This is the process where the face of the person using MANAITA comes to mind.
  7. 7
    Our MANAITA does not get oil-coated in order to make the best use of the original beauty of the wood surface of ginkgo. In the finishing process, we use several types of sandpaper and polish the surface.


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